An estimation of repair cost and time taken can be given on inspection, without obligation.

It can be difficult to give prices on queries regarding squeeks, rattles etc without looking at the instrument. 


Depending on the size and nature of the repair, turnaround can vary from a few minutes to 5 working days so give yourself enough time before you may need your instrument 


Repair work is often branded into 3 main categories depending on when you last had the instrument looked at. 

Working order/Emergency
getting the instrument to playing
standard with minimal work
recommended annually,
strip/clean/oil of keys,
reseating pads,
 action set up
As for service but also
replacing all corks and all pads,
springs as necessary, body cleaned

Prices listed below are a guide...

  Clarinets Flutes Saxophones
Working order £50 £50 £60
Service £85 £85 from £140
Repad £110 £120 from £280
Overhaul     from £400


   All double reed instruments repaired no problem, 

enquiries most welcome.


Other woodwind repairs available individually

Soldering, Dent removal, Key Straightening/re-alignment,

Flute tenon tightening, Recorking, replacement tenons,

 crack repairs, touch plating, thumbrest adjustment

 and much more...


Brass repairs


Dent removal,

Mouthpiece removal,

Slide & Valve maintenance,

 Instrument cleaning


prices start from £15